Vans 2018 Authentic™ Chino

2018 sees Vans coming in hard on the apparel front with new offerings from their much-loved Authentic™ Chino range. If you're looking for durability and skate-specific performative qualities in a classic pant silhouette that won't rip in half as you're sliding across Sainsbury's carpark on your arse, then look no further! Vans have you covered.

Peep the release video below featuring Vans riders Gilbert Crockett, Andrew Allen and Daniel Lutheran then scroll down to see more.

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Vans 2018 Authentic™ Chino range

This spring sees an expansion the Vans’ Authentic™ Chino franchise, with new colourways in the Authentic™ Chino Stretch and Authentic™ Chino Pro.

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The classic chino pant emphasizes skateboarding performance innovation, featuring a comfortable fit and Vans’ Sturdy Stretch twill fabrication that provides a timeless workwear feel and skateboard functionality all-in-one.

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The Authentic™ Chino styles are designed with skateboarding in mind and built to take a beating with hidden functionality features including double chain stitched flat felled seams to prevent crotch blowouts, sewn bar tacks for reinforcement, curved slant pockets and a hidden coin pocket.

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The Authentic™ Chino Stretch features a modern fit and the Authentic™ Chino Pro features a straight fit, treated with SILVADUR® anti-microbial finishing to protect the fabric and minimize odour.

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Yep, you read that correctly - these pants are not only designed to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous slamming, they are also technically designed to resist crotch-rot and minimize the stink you're likely to pick up whilst rolling around in the street skating.

From the ditch to the bar - no threats, no sweats, no regrets.

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Vans gained insight from their legendary professional skateboarding team to refine an everyday staple that provides all-day comfort and shape retention, while maintaining Vans’ classic style and functionality.

New this spring, Vans introduces the Authentic™ Chino Stretch in frost grey and copen blue, as well as the Authentic™ Chino Pro in asphalt.

The Authentic™ Chino is available now at select Vans’ dealers.

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