A meeting of two excellent pillars of skateboarding goodness right here with this exclusive collaboration release by Liisa Chisholm and the mighty Lovenskate.

It's hard to think of a nicer combination of humans to be honest, so we figured that we ought to send this one on a slightly wider trajectory than it might otherwise enjoy.

For those who aren't aware of Liisa (yes, there are two 'i's that is not a typo) she is a Canadian skateboarder and textile designer who can generally be found reinventing bert-slide variations down at Stockwell. With a series of highly successful textile designs already out in the ether, (including lots of bespoke stuff under her own brand umbrella, plus work for the likes of Stella McCartney), Liisa's most recent work sees her joining forces with skateboarding's nicest man, AKA Stuart Smith of UK stalwart skateboard brand Lovenskate, (who incidentally just released their second pro model for the otherworldly talented Alex Hallford). You can't really go wrong on this one to be honest - if you're looking for a tasty short-sleeved button up with distinctive and unique patterning, whilst at the same time knowing that your money is going into the hands of lovely humans - you know what to do.

Liisa Chisholm for Lovenskate short sleeved button up shirt

Hand printed and made in the UK, these 100% Indian cotton shirts are not only a great example of how it is still possible to create a high quality shirt in the UK using local artists, printers and manufacturers, but also, an example of how incredible someone can look whilst managing a BBQ, dominating a Pool game, learning Ho-Ho Plants, or, in the case of the current Lovenskate team, absolutely smashing the European event scene every time they turn up.

Liisa Chisholm for Lovenskate short sleeved button up shirt

Currently available over at the Lovenskate site and coming into 2 colours (white or blue with a deep red and royal blue print), these are hand-printed and hand-made entirely in the UK.

What more do you need to know?

Liisa Chisholm for Lovenskate short sleeved button up shirt

For more information on Liisa Chisholm, visit: liisachisholm.com

If you fancy supporting Lovenskate via some of their other product offerings (including everything from tea bags to socks) peep below for a heads up on a couple more bits.