Christmas gifts for skateboarders - Sushi Ninja Skate Tool

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

"A skate tool!" Yep. A skate tool. You've only gone and left it so late that all the cooler looking gear in the shop has gone leaving you with a retreat to utility-value and the skateboarder's equivalent of, "I've bought you some pans love - make me a casserole".

With that said though - it's not all bad, as skate tools are the unicorns of every skater's house/car/spot. Everyone remembers buying one but nobody ever has one when they're needed. It's like Rizla's in a pothead's house - the one essential item that's never there when you need it so, if your gift recipient turns their nose up at this Sushi Ninja Skate Tool just bide your time: eventually they will be grateful.

And that's it - if you're still looking for gift tips this late in the game we can only suggest Old Spice, a Pound Shop mix up, or pretending that you're so far advanced intellectually that you're boycotting Christmas because it's a re-packaged Pagan festival anyway, (or whatever bollocks you can come up with from a bleary eyed half-memory of watching some 'woke' YouTube doc.)

Merry Christmas.

Christmas gifts for skateboarders - Sushi Ninja Skate Tool 12-days-sushi-tool