Christmas gifts for skateboarders - Santa Cruz hat

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

Whilst dwelling on the seemingly omnipresent threat of global nuclear war is hardly festive - this Santa Cruz Atomic Peace cap could still be a winner as far as a stocking filler goes. I mean, if we're all going to die soon, the least you can do is attempt to come through with a nice hat for the apocalypse, right?

The hat you're looking at here is part of an alternatively-themed offering for the Holiday season, whereby Santa Cruz have just released a new limited edition clothing capsule featuring a homage to Jim Phillips' original graphic for OG Santa Cruz Skateboards pro Jeff Kendall. Originally inspired by the omnipresent threat of all-out global nuclear conflict that hung like a cloud over 80's America, Phillips original artwork references an 80's interpretation of Atomic Apocalypse with Tron-inspired colours and a partly demolished White House, complete with an ironic peace sign.

Christmas gifts for skateboarders - Santa Cruz hat Sidewalk 12-days-santa-cruz-atomic peace cap

Basically, if your gift recipient either skated in the 80's, or is one of those people who for some unknown reason wants to relieve the 1980's (usually a sure sign that you didn't live through that period) then you're onto a winner here.

Might as well check out this Jeff Kendall part too whilst you're at it - just for the sake of chronological clarity of course.