Christmas gifts for skateboarders - Anti Hero beanie

On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

If you were foolish enough to pass up on the opportunity to present your loved one with a pair of Anti Hero flushable socks this Christmas then the least you could do is to purchase this classic Anti Hero Eagle logo wool beanie as recompense.

Not only will it keep their head warm, it will also add a patina of sheer 'don't give a fuck' attitude to any head movement they make whilst wearing it, whether on or off the board. Complete with the OG Todd Francis Anti Hero skateboards classic Eagle logo - this will be a surefire Xmas win with the hesh crowd.

If you need further convincing, have a watch of this interview with the artist who came up with the iconic logo and educate the inside of your skull.

Christmas gifts for skateboarders - Anti Hero beanie Sidewalk 12-days-antihero-beanie