Emerging from the Crailtap stable (also home of Girl, Chocolate and Lakai Limited Footwear amongst other brands), Royal Trucks was founded in 1999 by original Girl Skateboards team members Guy Mariano and Rudy Johnson and distributed globally under the Crailtap umbrella.

Royal - Skateboard Truck Review - Street Pirate top

Since its foundation, Royal have released many models of skateboard trucks in a variety of different sizes and heights with a number of pro model trucks endorsed by Royal team riders such as Cory Kennedy, Jerry Hsu and Vincent Alvarez, all of whom currently have pro trucks in the 2017 Royal range.

Royal - Skateboard Truck Review - Street Pirate bott

"Royal trucks tend to come in either standard or low heights suited for the technically oriented skating of their mainly street skating team members."

As such, Royal tends to be a truck of choice for similarly minded skaters who tend to choose boards within the 7.775" to 8.25" width range.

These Royal ‘Street Pirate’ trucks have a 5.25" wide hanger and at 50.5mm in height are on the ‘standard’ end of Royal’s truck range making them best suited for wheels within the 53 – 56mm diameter range.

Royal - Skateboard Truck Review - Street Pirate deet

Deck width-wise you’d be best advised to choose a board between the 7.75" to 8.25" range but luckily Royal also offer this Street Pirate truck with a smaller 5" hanger, as well as a larger 5.5" model so you’re covered all the way from a skinny 7.5" deck, right up to an 8.5".

Looks-wise this is a classic Royal truck with a polished silver hanger, complete with Royal logo and deck-sizing data, black custom bushings and a black base plate with Royal Truck branding: a no-nonsense, mid-height, mid-weight truck perfect for any modern street and park skater.