Rollersnakes 1994 UK skate video Video-Log 3 - online in full

The winter of 1994 marked the third release of Rollersnakes' seasonal video series with Video-Log 3.

Video-Log provided the UK skateboarding community with a platform to witness some of the most prolific skateboarding in the country first hand at a time when Uk skate videos were virtually non-existent and when phones were still those things that sat on a special table in the hall and only produced sound.

Featuring skateboarder profiles, product reviews, competitions and more, Video-Log was the skateboarding YouTube of it's time: Video-Log 3 features the skateboarding talents of Tom Penny, Andy Simpson, Craig Smedley, Chris Atherton, Toby Batchelor, Paul Alexander, Matt Pritchard and loads more.

Filmed by Leigh Haynes, Andy Evans, Daniel Southgate, Toby Batchelor.

Edited by Leigh Haynes.

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rollersnakes video-log 3