This time around we're embracing the Midlands (via Bristol) courtesy of flying craftsman and Birdhouse Skateboards flow rider Ryan Price AKA 'Clever Ryan' for the latest installment of Product Toss.

It's been a big month so far for Clev, with an all out assault on the secret Opus Skateparks bowl in the first week of May during a Sidewalk Sessions mission, followed by him bro'ing down with US Birdhouse heads Jaws, Clive Dixon and Shawn Hale (along with fellow Birdhouse flow head Gav Coughlan) on a whistle-stop European tour.

In between filming wookies, capturing V-bombs down Lloyds and passing out whilst standing upright, Clev also found time to quickly (and as always, somewhat awkwardly) run us through his current rig.

This dude straight up rips crusty tranny and street and is at home on vert as he is at The Deaner so as you might expect, he's definitely not running a twig.

Aspiring ATV's, and/or fans of grafter-powered skateboarding take note and inform your proddy choices accordingly.

Photos: James Griffiths

Product Toss - My Set Up with Ryan Price Birdhouse Deck Product Toss Photo James Griffiths

First up we have wood. As a joiner you'd like to think that Clev knows his way round laminated plywood and as such, his current plank is an larger-than-average 8.5" Birdhouse Ben Raybourn 'Vices' pro model with a steep, squared off tail and a large spoony nose with medium depth concave. In his own words, "I never break boards, packages last me forever as I'm not stupid enough to fling myself down stairs anymore."

Product Toss - My Set Up with Ryan Price Independent 169 skate trucks clevsetup2truckwheeldetailweb

Truck wise, Clev opts for the classic Independent Stage 11 169 skate trucks, which although generally recommended for boards slightly wider than his 8.5" Raybourn number, seem to work perfectly for him. With a 9.125" axle, and a slightly taller than average height, these are the choice for pool and tranny trogs the world over. Plenty of grinding space and the turning geometry that all the rest are judged against.

Product Toss - My Set Up with Ryan Price Spitfire 55mm Product Toss Photo James Griffiths clevsetup1detailweb

With the added height profile of the Indy Stage II 169, Clev can happily run these Spitfire 56mm wheels with no fear of wheelbite, or of eating shit tanking around Dean Lane's crusty curves. Formula Four 99a pour for extra grip and durability topped off with Spitfire bearings to get the full Big Head vibe.

Additionally, Clev always opts for Mob Grip as it's guaranteed not to bubble or warp, even if you're gripping your rig up after one too many lagers.

Finally, Clev runs the Nike SB GT Blazer Lows in white with the gum sole (paid for with his own money no less - what better endorsement is there than that?) for maximum grip and board-feel and the added bonus of the spirit of Grant Taylor under your feet.

Product Toss - My Set Up with Ryan Price Spitfire 55mm Product Toss Photo James Griffiths clevsetup1detailweb nike-sb-blazer-low-gt-ivory-black-gum