It's been a busy year so far Tony Hawk and his brand Birdhouse - formally announcing his position on Lakai (with a shoe in the works), celebrating his 50th birthday with the ridiculous Tony Hawk 50 tricks edit, appearing on the Nine Club and dropping all manner of anecdotal bangers, (my favorite was the one about being handed a $4 million cheque for THPS 4 in a diner) plus members of the team embarking on what looked like a fairly epic European tour.

If you missed out on any of the above happenings then, thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can revisit any or all of them by using the hyperlinks in the text above.

Additionally - you can check out James Griffiths' overview of the UK leg of last month's Birdhouse European Tour here, and then, if you so wish, have a delve into Aaron 'Jaws' Homoki's set up via our recent Product Toss feature with the lunatic in question.

Now, onto matters at hand...

The Birdhouse Skateboards Remix board range is a new take on an old series of Birdhouse pro graphics from 2000, originally released as a series under the ‘Cannibal Animal’ moniker.

This is the second reiteration of these, but this series comes on stained wood boards to look more like the original 2000 run.

Birdhouse Skateboards - Remix board series birdhouseboardsweb

On Birdhouse patented medium concave and in an assorted range of coloured stained veneers, each of the boards in the Remix series come with a top and bottom graphic, along with a sticker.

Size wise, all the boards in the range come in at 32.12" in length with varying widths (listed below) for each pro model. Strange to see big Tone's coming in at the narrowest but hey, he's 50 and still kills it so who is anyone to argue?

Tony Hawk 8.0" | Clint Walker 8.125" | Shawn Hale 8.25" | Jaws 8.25" | David Loy 8.38" | Ben Raybourn 8.5" | Clive Dixon 8.5"

Birdhouse Skateboards - Remix board series birdhouseboards2web

Additionally, Birdhouse have also released a new Lizzie Armanto pro model, the 'Butterfly' featuring a graphic designed by Californian photographer and tattoo artist Hilary Jane.

Birdhouse Skateboards Lizzie Armanto Butterfly pro model lizzieabestweb

Lizzie's Butterfly pro model comes (as above) on various stained veneers, with top and bottom graphic and runs the familiar Birdhouse concave. Size-wise this one comes in at a relatively diminutive 32" in length by 8" width.

Birdhouse Skateboards Lizzie Armanto Butterfly pro model  lizzie-armanto-butterflybest

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