skateboard basics how to



Before you move on to learning tricks, you need to work out some skateboard basics - find your natural stance and work on learning to push properly. If you rush at this stage it will slow your learning curve down, so spend some time learning these things before moving onwards.



Stances Skateboard How To Stitch

Goofy footed stance means that you stand on your board with your right foot leading. Regular stance skaters stand with their left foot leading. Each person has a natural stance that will feel the most comfortable to them, the best way to discover what stance you are is to push around slowly when you get your first set up, whichever stance feels the most natural is the one you should opt for. It’s like being right or left-handed, you’ll know which is the right one for you instinctively. Neither stance is better or worse than the other so don’t worry.


Stances Skateboard How To

Have your front foot angled around your front truck bolts, push with your toes and as you start to gain speed, put your back foot back onto the tail and turn your stance so that your feet are parallel. It’s a very simple movement but it will form the backbone of everything else you will ever do on your skateboard.

A good tip is to go to an empty piece of flat ground and practice pushing: push as fast as you can until it feels natural and controlled.



Turning on a skateboard is really easy as all you need to do is lean and transfer your weight either onto your toe-side or heel-side edge and your trucks will follow the direction of your lean. Tighter trucks take more pressure to turn than looser ones so experiment with what feels most natural to you.



The easiest and most basic technique is to use your back foot as a brake to slow you to a stop.

Alternatively you can press your tail down and use the friction to slow you down or, once you’ve developed enough board control, bring yourself to a stop by powersliding (i.e. sliding horizontally on your wheels).


Kickturn Skateboard How To

Basically you turn by lifting your front wheels up and pivoting on your back wheels in either a frontside or backside direction. Your shoulders will lead the movement so let them turn with you. Remember to put your front wheels back down as soon as you’ve completed your kickturn and to keep your weight central.


From Sidewalk Basics - Autumn 2013