The history of skateboard shapes - Parts 1 & 2

Excellent little historical insight into the history of skateboards shapes here courtesy of Mackenzie Eisenhour of TWS Skate. No pretense is being made about this being an exhaustive history of every tiny evolution of the skateboard shape, but it's still an interesting whirlwind tour from the 2x4 with rollerskates nailed on, to Makaha owner Larry Stevenson's invention of the kicktail in the 1960's, through some of the largely pointless experiments of the 80's and up to the present day mixture of the standard popsicle shape and the shaped board renaissance led by Welcome skateboards that currently dominates the market.

As we say - this is a whistlestop tour of the history of skateboards shapes and there is plenty that isn't covered but none the less, it's well put together and interesting to watch.

Go peep and be glad you're not trying to learn ollies on a Walker Nightmare.