We genuinely thought that by the third episode of Sidewalk Sessions that we'd be happily ensconced in Spring and out filming in day light at a street spot somewhere.

But no: the weather this year is, quite frankly, being an absolute pain in the arse, meaning that for episode 3 we were forced inside by sub zero temperatures and snow once more.

No matter though, as this time around we recruited Liverpool's very own Andrew 'Evz' Evans who, despite having just done a 10 hour shift, was more than happy to drive straight from work in his little jeep and, in his own words, "set shit on fire" at Ramp 1 indoor skatepark, Warrington.

Along for the ride were fellow Lost Art/Useless Wooden Toy Society reprobates Will Kynaston, Ryan Rebotis, Joe McCombe, Hilly and Joshua Devine - all of whom turned up and went off as only Scousers can.

I'm going to stick my neck out here and say that the Liverpool skateboard scene is one of the most under-represented in the country, despite playing host to some of the best street skaters of this generation. Not that they give a fuck obviously, but still, bear witness to what went down in the space of 90 minutes on a freezing cold March evening.

Big thanks to all the heads who turned up and went off mid-week and disregarded the inevitable work time muscular pain that a session of this intensity was no doubt bound to create. You are all rulers.

Shout outs to Helena Long and her band mates in Upset Stomach - go listen to more of their excellent music via their Soundcloud - Upset Stomach

And also to Chris Oliver AKA @jinjahsnaps for the tunage.

If you missed the two previous Sidewalk Sessions - you can check out Eddie Belvedere and co at Junction 4 here, and Manhead and crew at Better Extreme here.

Fingers crossed that it stops snowing for long enough for us to actually do one outside next time.