Back before the second concrete skatepark boom of the late 2000's, the UK was littered with metal and plastic anomalies like this tin beauty in Nunroyd Park on the outskirts of Leeds.

After the response we got from the #somebodycallnyjah hashtag on the SidewalkMag Instagram we figured that it was about time that we explored this forgotten corner of UK skateboard culture in a bit more depth.

This is where Raiders of the Lost Park comes in - the aim is to visit one of these lost skateparks each month to see what can actually be done on what can often seem like the most unskateable terrain imaginable. We need your help to do this - if you know of a park deserving of a visit then please take a photo and tag us in on Insta, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #somebodycallnyjah or #RaidersoftheLostPark and we'll head over.

Episode 1 took us to the outskirts of Leeds, near Leeds/Bradford airport, to Nunroyd park where an assembled crew of Welcome Skate Store heads including George Smith, Blinky, Dean Greensmith, James 'Foz' Foster and more proved, that with a skateboard, you can have fun on anything.

Episode 2 - coming to a tennis court near you soon?

Music by Will Sheerin