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Vans – Le Denis Vans – Le Denis

After being informed by Manhead that we were heading to the South of France for a Vans trip I naturally assumed that we would be flying.
Turns out that I was completely wrong with that one, as our home for the next week would be the traditional white hire van and we’d be entering Europe en masse through the Euro tunnel and racking up over 2000 road miles throughout France, as well as briefly visiting the Basque country in northern Spain.

The crew involved managed got into the spirit of the trip and logged tons of photos and footage everywhere we stopped at, along with cooking up some banging BBQs, camping in a variety of contrasting places and being able to hack "Lé Denis". 

From start to finish Denis Lynn was half-dressed and requesting all manner of luxuries, like a budget pop star demanding their rider. 

The French-sounding phrase "Les Denis" aka "Lé Denis" instantly popped into our heads as a good name for this trip due the omnipresence of DLynn and his imposing personality. True to form, the younger Lynn made sure he was the main focal point of the entire journey both on the board and off, and backed it up by first getting his face bitten by spiders one night, and then by doing the biggest roll in of his life with an eye like Rocky Balboa. 

The trip was an experience for sure - props to Manhead for the opportunity and for driving us around all week and still managing to go off! 
Would do it all over again! Everyone killed it. 

Intro by Reece Leung - captions by Stef Nurding

This bank in Hossegor was so steep and rough; it was really fun just riding down the stairs next to it and we had a really fun session here before Daryl decided to step up to the biggest bit. Daryl ran up to the top and ollied straight back in. The beach was behind us and Denis sat at the top of the bank on the opposite side making friends with the locals.

It was morning when we hit this spot – it was so sunny and perfect. There were turquoise waves in the background: it looked just like a postcard. The spot is amazing. We skated around taking in the ambiance and then got some ice cream. Sirus got his surf steez on with a boosted wallie out of the side and then Manhead filmed him slow mo catching a cheese puff in his mouth, but before that, he did this lovely frontside no comply.

We had driven around for what seemed like hours to find this spot so I popped off on a solo mission to stretch my legs and get snacks. Luckily I got back just in time to see Jordan hurling himself down this tall number. The sun was out once again completing another rad day with rad people.

I feel like all I want to say about every photo is that it was sunny with a really good vibe at the time. I literally loved every minute of this trip. We saw a guy on one of those electric skateboard things whilst Jordan was battling with this axle stall pop in – one of those mental ones with a wheel in the middle. They kind of look stupid but i’m sure he was having a good time.

A few of us skated this spot with varying degrees of success. I was amazed at how quickly Ross stuck this bank to bank ollie. Check the state of the surfaces! Another spot that was right on the sea front for maximum chilling and tan top ups.

Reece and I spotted this around a corner in a car park at the plaza in Tours. A lady appeared and said that I shouldn’t be skateboarding there and told me that the barrier would raise up if someone pressed their parking button, catching me somewhere painful. Yuck. Luckily I managed to get the job done before I was cut in half by an unsuspecting parking person.

Daryl whipped past us going super fast up onto this wall with a crazy drop on one side and then ollied the bar at the end going twice the speed. We had a heated game of skate at the top of the stairs whilst Daryl nailed it and then we rewarded him and us with a grip of beer and sandwiches. Thackeray drank all the beers and Sharkey bossed a banging line all topped off with another street picnic. Life was good.

When Denis said he was about to do this I was like ‘errr whut!’ I had to watch from the gaps in my fingers – it was super scary. He did it with no hesitation… luckily so because I guess if you are feeling like hesitating on something like this, then it might not end so well. Everyone was really hyped to see Denis nail it in typical Denis style.

Everyone sat at the bottom of these stairs eating biscuits in the shade whereas Jordan hammered yet another rail like a hot knife through butter. Crooked grind through the kink. Peep the other rail in the background for a height check. Ooofff.

Trick – yup, Location – yup, Human – yup. I love this photo. We had so much fun skating this spot.  It was really cool to see Jordan T blasting around in his natural habitat. Award winning stalefish, look at that contortion.

I’m sorry Ross! I didn’t even know you’d done this, but I wish I’d seen it go down. There was so much to do at this spot, as well as a nice takeaway coffee shop at the end of the road and a children’s play park to mess around in. We had a heavy game of skate after this threaded ollie and then headed into the city for more action.

After just croissants and smoke for breakfast Denis jumps out of the van and boardslides this wall/bank to fakie. Shred the gnar!

The people and cat who lived here watched from the balcony above and didn’t mind us skating at all. Some French kids were also watching beside us. It was nice to see Manhead flying over this thing – it was massive and he made it look easy, as he does.

We had been driving around for a while so when we got to this spot everyone had loads of energy. As usual, Jordan was not messing about and front lipped this wooden rail within 3 tries so we swiftly got back in the van and headed back to the beach for an amazing BBQ courtesy of chef Manhead.

This plaza was a really good open space, there were blocks, a hippy jump, rails and stairs – plenty of stuff to have fun on. Jordan played his pink guitar whilst Daryl caught this monster kickflip in the sun between the traffic.

This spot was so much fun, we had a good session here and I tricked Denis into letting me put some concealer on 2 red whoppers on his chin whilst Ross backside aired on this super steep DIY tranny. It rained shortly after this. Denis was not happy about the make-up situation.

This crazy Biarritz bowl was probably one of my favourite places on the trip, it was cool to go somewhere so interesting and different looking and it was nice to skate some obscure tranny with everyone. Manhead shredded it obviously.

Jordan was kickflipping this bump to bar, which I did see and was really stoked for him but I was too busy trying to convince everyone we should adopt the French dog from the school to see the actual make. What an epic catch! Wish I’d seen it from this angle.

This Biarritz spot didn’t look real! We had a sick session in the bowl, Denis was on a mad one (see the roll in photo), the bowl had quite a few stones and cracks in it but it was really good fun to skate. You should definitely visit this if you can, look at the surroundings.

It was super sunny…again. There were loads of little French kids at this spot who had just finished school and they were so excited to see someone skating, so Jordan treated them to a perfect backside lipslide.

I really liked this DIY spot – it was super fun and a fitting end to a rad roadtrip. Thanks to Manhead, Vans and everyone else involved for the epic trip, for forcing me to learn to put up a tent alone in the dark, mentioning slender man when we had to collect fire wood in the pitch dark, feeding me some epic BBQ food and exposing me to the real Denis Lynn.