These days, beginners often start off by trying to learn this crowd-pleaser before they've got the ollie worked out. Although the desire to be tech may be tempting, you're doing yourself a great disservice by rushing into this trick. Without a cleanly popped ollie under your belt, you have no hope of learning properly caught kickflips.

To do a Kickflip, you've got your feet pretty much the same as how you do an ollie, but it's more on your toes on the front and the back.


Your back foot; use your toes and center it in the middle of the tail. Your front foot, slightly angle it.

When you go do to snap your tail on the floor, as soon as it touches, flick your front foot off towards the nose, wait for it to flip round.

When you see grip tape again, catch it, try landing with your feet on the bolts. Land and ride away.