No surprises here, the frontside rock and roll is the frontside version of the standard Rock and Roll and as such the technique is virtually identical, other than the fact that you're rocking back in the 'blindside' way.

For a Frontside Rock, it's pretty much the same as a Rock Fakie and a Frontslide Slash combined.

Frontside Rock and Roll

When you've got your board over the coping in the rock position, you're going to have your front shoulder turned away from it, ready to turn back into the ramp like you do in a Frontside Turn.

Frontside Rock and Roll

You'll bring your board back over, keep your shoulders turned away from it still, put all of your wheels down and ride away.

With that one, you've just got to make sure your shoulder's turned away from the coping so your legs follow round where you point your shoulder.