Josh 'Manhead' Young is back in his role of skateboard tutor once again, as he talks you through the basics of the frontside disaster. Get your learn on below!

Before doing any of the Disasters, you need to learn how to do Fakie Rocks first. That involves going up backwards, or fakie towards the coping, lifting your back wheels up enough to get over the coping, landing with your board centered on the coping. When you feel yourself rock over, put your weight back into the ramp, lift your back leg up so you wheels clear the coping, put it down on the ramp and right away.

For a Frontside Disaster, you need to approach the coping with your front shoulder turned away from the coping, your feet in the same position as you do an Ollie Off Inside 180 on a flat.

Frontside Disaster

When you see your front wheels approaching the coping, turn your front shoulder away from the coping, do a little ollie, scoop your back leg around, land with your board on the middle, on the coping.

Use the same technique as you would do a Fakie Rock to guide your back wheels over the coping and back onto the transition to ride away.