Got them nollies dialed yet? Good - now give them a little backside 180 twist. Let Josh 'Manhead' Young show you how...

After you've learned the nollie, you want to learn the Backside 180 Nollie. It's basically a nollie, but you're 180-ing blindside.

As you pop the nollie, you need to start guiding the 180 with your back shoulder, and your legs will follow. As with every blindside trick, it's pretty scary because you can't see where you're turning or where you're landing, so you need to be pretty confident in yourself with it.

Backside 180 Nollie

As you feel yourself coming down, you want to make sure that your body's done the full 180, your board as well. When you're ready to land, put in down and ride away.