Once you've got all of your regular popped street basics down, it's time to move onto the nose of your board and learn The Nollie - which is obviously the starting point of every nollie trick!

Let Josh "Manhead" Young show you how...

For a nollie, you have to use your front foot to pop it, and your back foot to scrape up the board and level out. Start by popping with your front foot, using your toes in the concave and your back foot just before your back bolts.


Pop, scrape your back foot out, bring your front foot up with it to level out, and then land it and roll away.

When you're starting out, you're not going to get a lot of pop because you're just getting used to the motion of nolling, and going forwards with it. You train up a bit on the floor. Once you get used to that, you can build up; up driveways, slopes, off ledges, up curbs onto ledges. You'll eventually just get a bit higher and higher, just like you would an ollie.