Combine pop and scoop to get your Pop Shove-Its right - follow the step-by-step guide and how to video below...

The pop shove-it is a variant on the original freestylers' shove-it, with the main difference being that the pop shove-it involves the popping technique of the ollie.

Whereas the original freestyle shove-it would stay close to the ground, the more modern ollie-based version (as shown here) allows for more variations.

The pop shove-it is commonly attributed to legendary SF pro skater Julien Stranger and was often referred to originally as the 'Julien shove-it'.


Pop Shove Sequence

Roll forwards at a comfortable speed.

Pop Shove Sequence-2

You should have your feet placed in an ollie position, but without your back foot hanging over the edge of the tail. This will help the scooping motion.

Pop Shove Sequence-3

Compress as you would for an ollie.

Pop Shove Sequence-4

Begin to lift yourself upwards and visualise popping your tail whilst scooping it to guide it through the 180 rotation.

Pop Shove Sequence-5

As your foot pops the tail, you also need to scoop slightly with your toes to set the board on its 180 rotation.

Pop Shove Sequence Border

Pop and scoop the tail, and use your front foot to control how quickly the shove-it motion happens. You don't scrape you front foot upwards as with the ollie here, it's used more to assist with the 180 motion.

Pop Shove Sequence-7

As the board comes off the ground and goes through the first 90 degrees, keep your feet clear to allow it space to turn.

Pop Shove Sequence-8

As the board completes the 180 shove-it motion, get ready to catch the grip tape with your front foot to stop the rotation.

Pop Shove Sequence-9

Catch with both feet over the truck bolts, and level the board out as you begin to fall back towards the ground.

Pop Shove Sequence-10

Land with all four wheels down at once.

Pop Shove Sequence-11

Bend your knees to absorb the impact.

Pop Shove Sequence-12

Keep your weight central, and use your knees to steady yourself.

Pop Shove Sequence-13

Ride away.