Build up your transition trickbook with some solid fundamentals - learn how to Axle Stall from the step-by-step guide below...

Once you've mastered dropping in and pumping on transition, the next step is to start learning some fundamental transition tricks. The axle stall is a perfect place to start, as it will allow you to get used to balancing on the coping and also to pumping whilst coming out of tricks.

Remember, this is called the axle 'stall' for a reason, you are meant to pause for a second or two as your trucks make contact with the coping. Don't treat it like a sloppy kickturn.

Axle Stall Sequence

Approach the coping as you would on a regular pump. You need to have enough speed to ride up the entire transition and onto the coping, so make sure you pump as hard as necessary.

Axle Stall Sequence-2

Hit the transition's curve with your feet as they are in the sequence. Spot the point where you are going to axle stall and keep balanced.

Axle Stall Sequence-3

Continue to pump whilst visualising yourself sitting on top of the coping.

Axle Stall Sequence-4

Wait until you are right at the top of the transition.

Axle Stall Sequence-5

As your front wheels exit the transition, turn your shoulders and begin to kickturn, remembering that you're only going to go through 90 degrees.

Axle Stall Sequence-6

Turn so that your back truck is on the coping. Use your shoulders to help this motion and stay central over your board.

Axle Stall Sequence-7

Continue the 90 degree turn and place your front truck onto the coping as well.

Axle Stall Border

With both trucks on the coping, stand up into the axle stall and concentrate on keeping your weight over your trucks. Pause for a second or two.

Axle Stall Sequence-11

When you are ready, begin to turn back into the ramp using your shoulders to lead the motion. Lift your front truck up first.

Axle Stall Sequence-12

Turn back into the transition off your back truck. Let your weight follow the momentum.

Axle Stall Sequence-13

As your back truck leaves the coping, set all four wheels onto the transition and pump back down.

Axle Stall Sequence-15

Ride away, pumping as you go.

Axle Stall Sequence-17

Hit the flat bottom and repeat the process on the opposite side.



Taken from Sidewalk's Skate Basics in partnership with Nike SB. Available for Free at your local skate shop.

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