Get to grips with crooked grinds here - watch the video and check out the step-by-step trick tips below...

The crooked grind is a very popular trick as you can lock into the grind and sit in it once you've mastered the technique. This is the backside version, but the crooked grind can also be done frontside, fakie or switch and it is one of the most versatile grinding tricks out here; so it's woth spending the time to master it.

The invention of this trick is often credited to Eric Koston although he has publicly stated that his one-time H-Street team mate Dan Peterka, (who later became a pro snowboarder), actually invented the crooked grind.

Either way, it's a fun trick and one well worth rinsing.

Crooked Sequence

Approach your obstacle at a parallel angle with a good amount of speed.

Crooked Sequence-2

Crouch and compress, ready to pop your ollie. Spot your entry point for the crooked grind as you approach.

Crooked Sequence-4

As you get close to the obstacle, get ready to pop and ollie high enough to get over the grinding edge.

Crooked Sequence-5

Pop your tail and use your shoulders to guide your front truck towards the grinding edge.

Crooked Sequence-6

Control your ollie with your front foot and get ready to transfer all your weight to the nose when you land.

Crooked Sequence-7

Land with all your weight on your front foot and lock your truck and wheel against the grinding edge. Lift your back foot up and hold the pose.

Crooked Sequence Border

Hold yourself in position and control the grind with your back foot.

Crooked Sequence-9

Keep grinding for as long as you can and spot your landing.

Crooked Sequence-10

As you come to the end of your grind, prepare to nollie out and clear the end of the ledge.

Crooked Sequence-11

Perform the motion of a nollie out of the crooked grind and control your descent with your feet.

Crooked Sequence-12

Try to stay level.

Crooked Sequence-13

Land with all four wheels down at once and bend your knees to absorb the impact.

Crooked Sequence-14

Roll away at speed.