Next up in our transition video 'How To' tutorials is the illusive Frontside Blunt! Confidence is the key to this one, so man up then press play to let Josh 'Manhead' Young point you in the right direction...

For a Frontside Blunt, it's pretty much the same principles as a Backside Blunt, apart from your shoulders are turned the opposite way, you can't really see where you are landing, so you just need to commit to it.

Frontside Blunt

For a Front Blunt, again, go up like you're going to do a Blunt Fakie, with enough speed to get onto the coping.

Frontside Blunt

Turn your front shoulder away from the ollie out. Keep turning your shoulders and your legs will follow around. Land it into the ramp, commit and roll away.

Practice does make perfect. If you don't learn it the first time, just keep trying. Took me ages to learn it. Just stick at it and you'll probably figure it out.