Get your hardflips right with this how to - watch the video and check the step-by-step guide below...

This is another popular move that combines the techniques of the frontside flip and the frontside shove-it. Most people will learn this one after mastering those two building block tricks first because it will definitely make for a better technique.

The crucial things to remember here are to do a proper hardflip, as in a frontside shove-it kickflip and not a pop shove-it that goes through your legs or an 'illusion flip' as fake hardflips are jokingly referred to.

It can help if you visualise the process as you doing a frontside but without turning your body 180 degrees. Foot placement is important on this one too, but everyone's technique will differ so experiment until you find out what works best for you.

Hardflip sequence

Roll forwards at a moderate amount of speed.

Hardflip sequence-3

Your feet should be set in the same position as for a frontside flip.

Hardflip sequence-5

Crouch and prepare for the pop and flick process.

Hardflip sequence-7

Visualise yourself popping the tail and flicking your board with your front foot so that it rotates in a frontside direction.

Hardflip sequence-8

Pop the tail with a slight emphasis on the toe-side edge and get ready to flick; your front foot does most of the work here.

Hardflip sequence-9

Scrape your front foot upwards and flick out towards the nose. You need to force the flip to go behind you, as with a frontside shove-it.

Hardflip sequence-10

Jump upwards as the board flips over and rotates in a frontside direction, while concentrating on keeping your back foot well out of the way of the board.

Hardflip sequence border

This is the peak moment of your hardflip. As you see the griptape reappear, prepare to catch the board level in the air.

Hardflip sequence-12

Keep your weight over both trucks and keep the board level as you descend.

Hardflip sequence-13

Land with all four wheels down at once.

Hardflip sequence-14

Bend your knees to absorb the impact.

Hardflip sequence-18

Use your arms to balance you and ride away.