Dial in those tricky BS Tailslides with some help from this guide - watch the video and check out the step-by-step below...

If you've got frontside tailslides down - you might start thinking about trying the backside variation. But it's worth baring in mind that the backside tailslide is in the advanced section of our guide because it is that much harder than the frontside version. Backside tailslides are worth the effort though as they are one of the most stylish and well respected tricks in skate culture.

The secret here is to ollie high enough to get over the sliding edge of your chosen obstacle and then to release yourself to the slide when it starts to happen.

It's a difficult one to explain but you'll understand as soon as you start getting into the backside tailslide. Savour the feeling...

BS Tail Sequence

Approach the obstacle with a good amount of speed. Your approach should be just off parallel. Have your feet in the ollie position and spot the point of entry as you roll up. Crouch and compress ready to ollie.

BS Tail Sequence-2

Get ready to pop and turn yourself through 90 degrees in a backside direction. Keep your eyes on your point of entry. Visualise this process.

BS Tail Sequence-3

Start to lift your weight upwards and get ready to pop high enough to get above your chosen obstacle.

BS Tail Sequence-4

Pop your tail whilst aiming at the obstacle and turning your shoulders in a backside direction.

BS Tail Sequence-5

Guide your ollie upwards and aim your tail so that it will lock into backside tailslide position.

BS Tail Sequence-6

Flatten your board out as you hover above the edge.

BS Tail Sequence-7

As you land into backside tailslide, transfer all your weight to your back foot and lock into position.

BS Tail Border

Lean back slightly and let your momentum take you through the slide.

BS Tail Sequence-9

As you near the end of your tailslide, spot your exit point and begin to straighten up, ready to pop out.

BS Tail Sequence-10

Make the motion of an ollie from your tailslide and turn your shoulders in the direction of your exit.

BS Tail Sequence-11

Keep the board level as you descend

BS Tail Sequence-12

Land with all four wheels down at once.

BS Tail Sequence-13

Crouch to absorb impact.

BS Tail Sequence-14

Roll away.