A full guide to getting started with a 360 shuvit - watch the video and step-by step guide below...

This is a current favourite and is basically a combination of the techniques of the shuvit and the 360 flip, only without the flipping aspect. The 360 shuvit originated from freestyle skateboarding in the early 80's and back then your board stayed on the ground thoughout its rotation, whereas with the modern version, the board is popped off the ground.

The technique uses a similar scooping technique to the 360 flip, but as you don't want the board to flip over, you need to adjust your foot placement and have your back foot squarely in the middle of the tail, rather than hanging off the edge. This is a really fun trick to do and pretty easy once you've mastered the scooping technique as your back foot does most of the work.


360 shove sequence

Roll with a moderate amount of speed with feet roughly in ollie position, but with your back foot fully on the tail and positioned centrally. Don't hang your toes off the tail or your board will flip as you hit the floor.

360 shove sequence-3

Compress and visualise the process.

360 shove sequence-5

Keep in your mind that you are scooping the tail and using the back foot to set your board on it's 360 rotation, whilst keeping your front foot out of the way.

360 shove sequence-6

Get ready to scoop.

360 shove sequence-7

Hit your tail against the floor with your back foot in a scooping motion, use the toes of your back foot to direct the 360 shuvit.

360 shove sequence-8

As your tail scoops, jump upward, and keep your front foot clear so as to give the board space to spin.

360 shove sequence border

This is the peak moment of your 360 shuvit. You should be above the board as it reaches about 270 degrees of the 360 rotation. Prepare to catch the board at full rotation with your front foot first.

No. 08

Catch the board with your front foot to stop its rotation and replace your back foot immediately.

360 shove sequence-11

Keep your weight central over both sets of truck bolts and concentrate on keeping the board level in the air.

360 shove sequence-12

Land with all four wheels down at once. Compress to absorb the impact and stay balanced above the board.

360 shove sequence-15

Roll away.