The Nine Club with Antwuan Dixon

This week's episode of The Nine Club sees Antwuan Dixon sit down to talk learning to kickflip before he owned a board, getting on Baker, his surprise part in Baker 3, moving to Deathwish, going to jail, not being good at discussing cocaine subtly, getting on Chocolate flow, being stoked on Gailea Momolu, his problems with alcohol, his new board company Rawdog and plenty more.

For a while there it was looking a little up in the air whether we'd be seeing much of Antwuan for some time, so it's rad to see him free and seemingly chilling out on the hectic lifestyle which got him put away in the first place. Without going into that here, for those interested then you could do worse than checking out the documentary on Antwuan 'Dangerous Freedom' that came out last summer through Havoc TV and details his skateboarding career, run ins with the law and subsequent return to skateboarding.

With a spot on Thunder Trucks and Straye Shoes, alongside his new board company which he discusses at length here, here's hoping for some new skate footage soon!

"Antwuan Dixon discusses starting skating at 12 yeas old, getting sponsored by Transitions, meeting Andrew Reynolds & Erik Ellington at ASR, filming for Baker 3, switching from Baker to Deathwish, going to jail, getting on Supra, his favorite skaters, his board company Rawdog, Straye Footwear and much more!"

To refresh your memory on just how hard Antwuan first hit skateboarding's collective consciousness, enjoy his Baker 3 part below on the house...

While we're at it, here's his Baker Has A Deathwish part for good measure - peep that level of nonchalance skating even the gnarliest of spots!