Lock up your tinnies, Yah Bru 4 is here! After last night's premiere at Bad Sports in Shoreditch, the runaway feel good hit of 2018 hits the interweb for your viewing pleasure. Featuring a wide array of grimy London architecture, banging soundtrack and plenty of good slams (Brendan's faceplant at 8:10 is particularly wince inducing), this will put a smile on your face and have you reaching for your board or this lot are straight edge. If the fact of a Si Skipp end section featuring a Nige Davies cameo doesn't have you pressing play then it's time to reevaluate your life! Filmed over the last two years, we've also got a bonus in the form of Dave Turner's photographic diary from the missions which occurred. Scroll down for a selection of visual dopeness as well as some words from Brendan Ryall and Ben Phillips once you've seen the video!

Featuring Tom Ball, Steven Crawford, Simon Skipp, Michael Daley, Gavin Coetzee, Ben Phillips, Brendan Ryall, Kevin Parrott, Ed Davis, Dave Turner, Mark Brewster, Andy Hinshelwood and more.

In case you're trapped indoors and need more Yah Bru in your life, don't worry - we've got you covered...

All photos by Dave Turner


Brendan Ryall:

“Who would have thought we would still be going? As skateboarding heads in two opposite directions of madness and jazz, we find our crew just pushing it purely for the satisfaction of skateboarding and having a laugh.If its not fun, whats the point? You would think age, parenthood and surgery would slow the crew down but the infectious enthusiasm keeps on going.Which brings us to the fourth chapter. I have no idea if it’s the last, all I know is I will keep on going as long as the crew is keen."


Ben Phillips:

“Brendan has gone above and beyond with this one. It’s fair to say the quality of the filming and editing is inversely proportional to my involvement. Over the last couple years, I’ve been kept at arm’s length so it’s set to be the best yet!

In terms of the skating, there really is nothing better than going out with an enormous crew on a sunny Saturday, motoring through a few frothies and cheering your mates on. Despite a number of major surgeries and increasing “adult obligations", the collective enthusiasm for weekend stuntwood piloting never wavers. See you inside the ramp."