the unsung

Unsung: A series of online documentaries celebrating the unsung heroes of the UK skateboard scene and their contributions to our shared culture. From independent brands and stores, through to some of the ground breaking weirdo’s and nutters breathing life into the British skate scene - Unsung aims to highlight the passion, commitment and sheer love they put into to creating and nourishing the skate scenes around them and more importantly, pushing their own vision of what skateboarding is.

Part one deals with Callun Loomes and the Get Lesta crew who have just dropped their latest full-length banger 'Get 3'.

Watch and learn about Callun's insane work ethic, his hunger for finding new and unskated spots and the ways in which he funds the never-ending Get Lesta mission.

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The first in a new series we're featuring celebrates the people who don't necessarily get as much appreciation as they deserve. In this case it's Callun Loomes whose sheer passion has propelled Get Lesta into becoming a national sensation.

Watch the video, check the photo's by clicking to the right, and anticipate more in the near future!


Eric Thomas 5050's the length! - Photo by Matt Clarke


Lucas Healey mega front board! - Photo Chris Johnson


Will Golding 5050 transfer. Not even this danger can change the man's face! - Photo Andy Horsley


Will Golding backside flips out of a barely existent kicker! - Photo Andy Horsley