If you've been keeping up with the last few months of the Sunday Service you'll have realised it's been very 'NOW! That's What I Call Skateboarding' orientated. Mostly because it is the tits, but also it highlights the best parts of skateboarding, going out with your mates and having at least 3,000 laughs!

This week shows the last part being posted which is the credits and unlike many video outro's this is amazing and fully worth the watch! Watch all the previous sections here, go to spit & sawdust skatepark in Cardiff and personally thank Christian Hart for providing so much joy to the world, then get on the forum and complain that the idiot who uploaded it fucked it up in the middle making it really pixelated for about 10 seconds. SORRY ALL, we'll fix it soon then put it all together for you nice and neat, ahhh yeaaah!

Credits - NOW! That's What I Call Skateboarding a Skateboarding video by Sidewalk