We have more of Oliver Birch's Liverpool scene video 'Beef Stew' exclusively today, in the form of Rauiri Jones' excellent Siouxsie and the Banshees' scored section with spot-regulating cameos from Sam Marsh and Mark Hogan.

Cobblestones, hard packed dirt and other such unappealing terrain are attacked with gusto, boardslides are held for the duration and Liverpool's architecture offers up the goods - as it does throughout Beef Stew, which also features the talented legs of Charlie Birch, Andy ‘Evz’ Evans, Will Kynaston and Luke Fletcher alongside a raft of cameos from multiple generations of Liverpool skateboarders.

Witness the rest via the medium of reality, you which you can do so by hitting up Ollie via @askjeeves117 on Instagram or oliver.birch117@hotmail.com and getting hold of a lovely physical DVD which you can shove into your Gran’s DVD player this Christmas and impress the whole family with the physical prowess of these almost definitely future Olympic athletes! Check out our interview with Ollie as well as Luke Fletcher's section for further inspiration to seek out a copy and support skater created culture.

You should also find yourself at The Useless Wooden Toy Society on the 25th of this month for the Lost Art holiday drop, featuring music, pizza and most likely boozed up skateboarding, alongside a new shop promo which we imagine will be very banging indeed!

Cover photo: CJ