Brummy skateboarding sensation, Kris Vile, is building up quite a reputation for never been at home. If he's not in Europe on trips with Blind, Vans or Volcom, he can usually be found sleeping on front room floors up and down the country.

We asked Kris to divulge the ten most important things to remember when planning on being away from home for a long period of time...

1. Don't miss your flight Go's without saying...

2. Make sure you're equipped with your passport. Don't leave it at home when you live 3 hours from the airport, aka "the Leo Sharp"

3. What happens on tour, stays on tour...but is actually talked about for months after.

4. When travelling for long periods of time in vehicles, take a travel pillow. It's a life saver, trust me.

5. Don't forget your skateboard AKA "the Andy Scott"

6. Always pack extra socks. Especially when visiting hot countries.

7. Don't go away with Ben Nordberg. Especially when he's broke.

8. Take a camera. Make sure those funny moments don't go un-captured.

9. Spread your money thinly. You never know when it might run out!

10. Prepare yourself for an experience! Have a laugh!