Josh 'Manhead' Young continues our seven-day stint of 'Route One in Bulgaria' mini interviews. See what the Tingley youth made of Bulgaria below.

Check back tomorrow for interview number three.

What were your preconceptions of Bulgaria prior to the trip? What were you expecting the place as a whole to be like?

Well I expected it to be dodgy as my mate Miles said about Ross Kemp going there to do a show on gangs or something like that. I was expecting to get jumped, mugged or get into some sort or trouble involving a large gang, but it ended up being pretty mellow.

Tingley and Bulgaria - compare and contrast.

Tingley - not much going for it apart from the Co-Op, Country Baskets Mill and a big roundabout.

Bulgaria - nothing else much going for it apart from rich investors keeping the country poor, with the Bulgarian equivalent to 'Scheming Dave' flying around the city.

Tingley - plenty of chavs, pikeys, scum-bags and no skate spots.

Bulgaria - mountains, one concrete skatepark, plenty of good spots, and more then enough pikeys.

If you could relocate any of the spots you skated back to Leeds, which one would you pick and why?

I’d have to say the NDK hubbas - they were easy to skate and were always a sick session. And the shitty metal vert thing was a good laugh to skate, apart from it wobbling about and having a big gap between the coping and platform.

Top five memories from the trip?

1 - Happy Grill food/ waitresses.

2 - Watching one unnamed person abuse the hostel.

3 - Amirs nonsense rapping.

4 - Cheapness of items.

5 - Dogs that don’t like me skating.

Most memorable Amir lyric?

“I’m hot under the pressure, I feel like a sandwich, but I can’t understand it..."