Cast your eyes over the penultimate 'Route One in Bulgaria' interview below now, with Bristols Andrew Makepeace! Don't forget to peep the three minute offcuts edit from the trip on the Videos Page now, too!

Final interview online tomorrow...

How did Bulgaria differ from other European countries you've visited to skate?

I swear nobody there is fat!

Lifestyles go from one extreme to another, like you’ll see some crazy G’d out car with some flashy dude all looted out, and then there were some seriously poor people, like this one dude that had no legs and couldn’t afford crutches or a wheelchair or anything, and he was just crawling along. But it is a beautiful place at times.

There were some pretty horrendous eating habits on the trip - what would an average days food consist of for you?

Breakfast – 1 large double cheeseburger meal and 2 hot apple pies.

Dinner – 2 large double cheeseburger meals and a McFlurry.

Tea – Either a 12 inch ham and pineapple pizza or 2 large double cheeseburger meals and a McFlurry.

Plus - a lot of peach iced tea and a lot of Milka chocolate, because I cant find it in England.

You're a man know for his fondness of bank spots - be honest, what did you think when you got to NDK for the first time?

From a distance I was like “Oh my God!" but as I got there I almost cried because there were some serious chunks out of the banks, and they are actually a lot steeper than I thought. It took a quite a while, some slams, some wax, and standing in the biggest pile of what must have been human or elephant shit ever, to get used to them. But it was worth it!

'Hoop Dreams' - explain.

Basically, by taking mine an Lynners inner-scally and the massive amounts of pikey types out there, we have decided there is a gap in the market for scally porn! Something else for people to spend their dole money on! It's going to have lots of hooped earrings, fake gold, Reebok classics, tracksuits, white jeans or hot pants and backdrops of Lidl car parks or outside the local Spar.

It’s a winner!

Top five amusing tour experiences?

1 - Avid! A vicious rumour about things going up his ass was pretty amusing!

2 - The gayest guy in the world at the petrol station was jokes. I think he liked Amir.

3 - Mine and Lynners business idea! Look out! 'Hoop Dreams' coming soon!

4 - I think for me and CJ aka 'Ripped Johnson', the car journeys were pretty memorable! Nuff said!

5 - I suppose it’s amusing now, but after slamming on the ollie over the rail took its toll on my legs and stomach, I was pissing blood in the shower because I couldn’t walk to the toilet and had to stand still in the shower for so long until I could move again. I actually thought I was going to die.

Most memorable Amir lyric?

Oh my God it was like living with the Wu-Tang Clan!

“From Brighton to Bulgaria, where the women are hairier!" is the only one I can remember as I heard it about a billion times! Oh, and the freestyle on the plane when he was arguing with some gnarly looking Bulgarian gangster was pretty memorable. Haha.