Brightons very own freestyling representative, Amir Williams, delivers his thoughts on the R1 trip to Bulgaria today. Don't forget to give the first three interviews with Leyden, Manhead and Sam a read if you have yet to do so!

Another interview due tomorrow...

Top 5 memories from the expedition?

1 - Can I say 'Avid'?

2 - Getting to watch Funkdoobiest, but you're going to be asking me about that in a minute.

3 - Makepeace and his switch bluntslide shuvit at NDK.

4 - Avid trying to land murder-flips.

5 - And me getting stressed on the fifteen set, or the fact that most of the people we met were dope.

How different did you find skating in Bulgaria compared to other European countries you've visited?

There's not really any difference, some of the spots seemed a bit empty, other than that it was kind of like a mini Barca, parts of it just seemed really new, despite the fact that it wasn't new at all.

It had a big Brighton feel to it, most of the kiddies were kind of chilled!

Care to talk us through the first night when you went to watch Funkdoobiest? What exactly happened, and how did you end up in a pimps front room?

Oh man, I was well surprised that Funkdoobiest were even playing, so I was stoked to just go see them. The club was amazing, there were loads of woman, we were smoking and drinking, the place had a really good atmosphere. I lost one of my diamond studs, but I was buzzing on the atmosphere so didn't care too much. Afterwards we were in a strip club, macking it up, checking out ladies but low on funds, I think Avid wanted to get a 'taxi girl' so I used the gift of the gab and got a number for this dude who took us for a ride. I wasn't really paying too much attention to what was going on because I was trying to remember how to get back to the hostel, but Avid was hyped on trying to get a girl. I blacked out and the next thing I knew we ended up in a room with three massive geezers and six or seven girls. I didn't have any money and I'm not down for dinosaurs covered in makeup, the pimp clearly wasn't stoked that we'd been taken there without any cash, so I was trying to leave without any problems or having the whole situation turn sketchy. We managed to talk our way out in the end but it was really random - Avid was over it, and I was just itching to get back and have a chill out.