After Amirs interview yesterday, Avid the Rotter talks us through his version of events that lead to him and Amir coming face to face in a Bulgarian front room today, as well as his general take on the trip! Peep the three minutes 'Route One in Bulgaria' offcuts edit on the Video Page now, too!

Penultimate interview online tomorrow!

Was this your first proper foreign tour as part of a team? How did you find it?

Yeah it was my first time going on a tour as part of a team. It was good to take the piss out of Alex constantly, the beer was cheap too, which is always a bonus.

What did you make of Bulgaria as a place? Had you heard much about it beforehand, and was it different from what you were expecting?

Bulgaria is a bit of a weird place, it was a little different than I expected. I thought it was all gonna be ghetto as fuck, but there was some really nice parts.

I've got to be honest, I was surprised at how mellow you were for the entire trip, I was expecting a lot more hecticness - was that hard work, or are you generally a lot more chilled out nowadays?

I dunno what happens sometimes, I'm really chilled out then the next minute I'm going crazy. But yes, it was really hard, I just wanted to go mental, but I am keeping myself a lot more chilled out nowadays. Maybe not next time...

Go on - tell us how you found yourself in a pimps front room on the first night.

Well, I'm glad you asked me this! Me and Amir went out on the first night and he wanted a shag off of a dirty bitch. On the way back to the hostel we got in a taxi and was talking about it, then all of a sudden the taxi driver was like "I can take you there - I take you! I take you!" Me and Amir just looked at each other, then before we knew it we pulled up to a well ghetto block of flats and the taxi driver took us to some room where there was a pimp sat in the middle of his front room on his Apple Mac, with about five absolute mingers round him. Amir then put his English slash Spanish slash Bulgarian accent on and somehow managed to talk his way out of there, fuck knows how, like. We were just so happy to get back to the hostel.

Top five comedy moments of the trip?

1 - Rye puking up, that was jokes.

2 - Doing something to Alexs inhaler without him knowing - I heard he's got ass-ma?

3 - Makepeace pissing blood, always good to see.

4 - Leyden dancing about like a pre-madonna in some amazing wig, looked hot…or maybe not.

5 - Someone undid my seat in the van from the floor on the way back from fuck knows where and I got pushed by Leyden and I landed in the arms of Lynskey. He's got very safe arms indeed.

Most memorable Amir lyric?

Chocolate bean on my head ,coz my hair is all dead, at the le bottoz of the beanie, there is a kebab gutter you dirty little scutter.