He might now be officially the photo editor of Kingpin, but over the course of 2013 Sam Ashley still found time to contribute to the mag on a regular basis, be on it on trips or working on interviews for us.

Have a click through the pages below for his five handpicked shots from the last twelve months and the story behind each...

Chris Oliver - ollie.

1-Chris Oliver, ollie

We shot this on the deadline day for Chris' WORD interview. I'd seen a photo of this thing on Ged Wells' Instagram and after a bit of Google Street view action I reckoned I had a pretty good idea where it was... Since it was unfinished I thought it was probably going to be a bust, but if you don't try you never know.

Anyway we ended up finding it pretty quick and after rolling around on it for about 10 minutes we figured that there was no security so we rigged up the fence thing and

began to shoot. I think it was probably the sound of the fence falling that must have woken the security guard; whatever it was, we were getting busted. He was cool enough to give us 5 more minutes and Chris landed it pretty quick. It's actually pretty gnarly, not just the height but the distance from bump to bump is really long, and if you land a bit short you just stop.

[part title="Zach Lyons"]

Zach Lyons - switch frontside wallride.

2-Zach Lyons, switch fs wallride

This was shot during Magenta's rain soaked UK tour earlier this year.

This glass bank is actually the entrance to a really jazzy bar/restaurant in Manchester, unsurprisingly they're non too keen about people riding skateboards on it. They're also not happy about people coming into the restaurant to lie on the floor to take photos of the aforementioned skateboarders. Zach knew the deal though, he landed it twice for me and got another for video in the space of a minute, and we were out.

[part title="Daniel 'Snowy' Kinloch"]

Daniel ‘Snowy’ Kinloch - backside tailslide.

3-Snowy, backside tailslide

The Athens Olympic site is a pretty depressing place; acres of under maintained buildings and hardly any people around. This however, makes it great for skateboarding, and we spent the best part of a day there. Towards the end of our visit, Snowy had managed to source a large piece of ply allowing him to open up the steep bank piece. This coincided with what was to be a rather epic sunset. The best bit of

the sunset lasts for only a couple minutes so I was running around frantically setting up lights, and trying to balance their output with the diminishing sun. Once I finally got everything working I just needed Snowy to land one, which he did, and then another and another.

[part title="Karim Bakhtaoui"]

Karim Bakhtaoui - front shove.

4-Karim Bakhtaoui, front shove

I'd been to this bench with Karim at least a couple of times before but it hadn't really worked out, the landing being one of London's busiest bike lanes didn't really help. On this day it seemed like things weren't going much better, we'd been there a while and Karim wasn't getting too close. Then out of nowhere he blasted this one;

as soon as I pressed the shutter I knew he had done it, and sure enough when I looked up he was rolling away. I remember being terrified I'd mistimed it or something (out of all the other photos I shot there was nothing that would resemble a 'make'), but we checked the screen and it was all good; showing that in fact, Karim needs to find a bigger bench. I think Kev Parrott was meant to film this, but got delayed, and rolled up about 3 minutes later... Karim wasn't about to go into battle again, so that was that, no footage of this one, but those that witnessed it will testify that it was insane.

[part title="Jeremy Jones."]

Jeremy Jones - ollie.

5-Jeremy Jones, ollie

Another former Olympic site, this time the back of the Ice Rink used during the Sarajevo winter Olympics of '84. I remember having to wander through 4 foot tall nettles and brambles trying to get a good angle, before giving up and then finding a clear path just on the other side of the hill, sometimes the most direct route is not the

best. I think there's a good percentage of the Harmony team hidden behind that little wall, they were really hyped about me making them duck every time someone tried to skate the quarter.