As the skate part of Relentless Boardmasters in association with Vans kicks off at 'Wooden Waves' skatepark today, for the next few days we'll be bringing you special Newquay themed 'Favourites' interviews with the Newquay veteran division of the current UK Vans roster.

The first interview is online now below, with none other than Marc Churchill - check back tomorrow for more.

Year so far: Probably 2007 as there where loads of UK skate heads down and a lot of people I hadn’t seen in a long time, which always means a troublesome good time!

Memory from the Bartrip Hotel: Skating the mini ramp until all moisture had been sucked from my body to leave me as a dry lifeless husk! Drinking Desperados at the bar with Div until 6am, and, of course, the infamous pole dance competition! Crazy times indeed! The two skinheads, meathead, blockhead at the door where dicks though!

Newquay related quote: “GET EM OFF" “GET EM OFF" “GET EM OFF"

Fistral Beach incident: Hitting a girl in the face with Eastpak product whilst doing one of the many demos right on the beach. I thought her boyfriend was gonna kill me! I just laughed then karma caught me when I ate shit the next run!

Story from a Newquay night out: Too many to mention! But on the way home after one of the parties we where heading up the high street and we decided to try and push one of the concrete balls (fixed very well to the floor) down the hill. Cundall's mate 'The Hulk' had a go and nothing happened, I tried and somehow fired myself up the street on my back! You had to be there, but it was super funny at the time!

Thing to waste money on at Newquay: BB GUNS! Ten retards in one small dorm room with bb guns - proper crazy!

Non skating Newquay pass-time: Chillaxing for sure and not drinking any booze whatsoever, not one drop. . . . . . . . . . not. . . . . .glug glug glug one . . . . . glug drop!

Thing to drunkenly shout at strangers: “Hi we are running a pole dance competition at the Bartrip hotel and I think your misses could do really well"

Place to eat: The Thai restaurant up the hill off the high street, best place in Newquay!

Boozing spot: Belushi’s is usually pretty good, we always end up taking over anyway, so everywhere is good! Haha!

Piece of Newquay advice: Take a lot of drinking money! Take an umbrella! Take sun cream! Have a back up bb gun in your sock! And prepare to see some awesome skateboarding from some of the best in the world!