The second of our special Boardmasters themed 'Favourites' interviews is online now below, with last years street comp winner, Josh 'Manhead' Young!

Check back tomorrow for more...


Year so far: Last year - I won the street thing got a bit of money to spend.

Memory from the Bartrip Hotel: Watching Kevin Parrott shake a wakeboarder to death over CCTV after they smashed up a room.

Newquay related quote: "Builders!", or "get a real skateboard".

Fistral Beach incident: Watching two kids in the sea fight over a free board they had to race to the sea and back for.

Story from a Newquay night out: Nothing really that gnarly went down apart from Dave Allens dancing.

Thing to waste money on at Newquay: Bourbon and coke, food and bb guns.

Non skating Newquay pass-time: Shooting Nordberg with a high power bb gun.

Thing to drunkenly shout at strangers: "Have it..." (insert random insult here)

Place to eat: Cafe Irie.

Boozing spot: 'Sailors Bar' I think it's called? Or the one below it.

Piece of Newquay advice: Go prepared, have plenty of money and a place to stay. Oh, and enjoy it and get smashed on Suso cocktails.