After a short break, our weekly interviews are now back! We've laid to rest last years "Favourites", opting instead to start afresh with new reading material simply based around skaters and their cities.

First up is Joe Gavin - read on below as he fills you in on the best bits of Manchester. Another interview up next week, check back then!

Portrait: Leo Sharp

Joe Gavins' Manchester.

Best breakfast spot: Rustica near Note, they always hook me up a deal on a bacon butty!

Best form of transportation: Errrrrrrrrr...Ride my skateboard ride, ride, ride ride my skateboard!

Best skate shop: Note for life!

Best record shop: Vinyl Exchange.

Best band: Suzuki Method.

Best album: "Subject to status" - Broke 'n' English.

Best local video: Pusherman, 24 Hour Party People!

Best video section: Eddie's part of Wolfstadt was really good! “Day in the Life" with Dan Cintra.

Best local – back in the day: Keith Miller, Woody.

Best local – present: Lil' Nic, Ty and...Barrett!

Best skate spot – back in the day: The Gasworks and just generally being able to skate a lot more spots hassle free!

Best skate spot – present: Heaven/Sweden.

Best undercover spot: Aids Cave.

Best skatepark – back in the day: They were all shit, but probably Pipeline.

Best skatepark – present: The Cage is my park of choice, but big ups to central for holdin' it down. Hustle Real Hard!

Best bar: The Cop Pub, next to the main police station, no trouble and the odd free pint!

Best nightclub: Ballin' on a Budget, hosted by Broke 'n' English once a month. Get the f*ck on it! Strictly no ket! Good times and HIP HOP!

Best restaurant: That Brazilian place that I've never been to. Meat comp!

Best local slang phrase: Regulation (normal,not that good), John Peel (leave), Nickelback (Nic Stansfield), Civilian (people who don't skate and are tretch) (tretch = very bad).

Best point of local interest/tourist must see: Note Skate Shop, "come and cop it". R.I.P Uncle Howie!

Best local celebrity: Ben Grove and DRS!

Best thing about living in Manchester: Feeling like I have the keys! F*CK THE POLICE.

Joe in The Harmonys' "Rivers Edge"