This weeks Last Orders comes from Accrington mystic, long time Lancashire ripper and holder of the second place at the recent Manny Mania finals in London, Chris 'Avi' Atherton.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for Avis section from his 2007 DVD 'Avit', and enjoy the brief skim on the surface of Avis brain that is located in between...


Drink you ordered: A coffee from myself out of my flask.

Person you spoke to: Girlfriend Gemma about her costume for halloween.

Trick you filmed: Loads of tricks holding large gateaux cakes in one hand like a waiter for fun with Bigbird.

Photo you shot: K-units very own Jenka shot a good melon grab at Clithero recently (moody sky)

Country you visited: The hidden country above the houses where the cats use ladders and the birds anticipate your arrival with dead children, where old men chop blue slate by hand and the distant brickys trowels sound like church bells ringing through the tiled valleys. A place where passers by dont looks up, but someone always looks down.

Thing you skated in your hometown: New carpark at the college opposite my house is a Godsend, so big and empty.

Skate event you travelled to: Manny Mania in London.

Trick you learnt: Nollie front foot underflips again.

Trick you lost: Dropping in on vert.

Book you read: I don’t read books, I have a huge problem with books and the people who read them.

Time you were outraged: Girlfriend told me about that rocka pirate nerd who “likes music" on telly. I don’t want to know his name. The guy who left sketchy messages to Manuel’s answer phone from (Fawlty Towers). Yeah that was rubbish.

Catweazle remake, Worzel Gummage remake, Wickerman remake - it's enough to make you sick.

Time you were confused: When Richie Jackson rode down all those steps, I still am. My brother reckons its wax LOL!

Piece of advice you received: How to make monatomic gold.

Band you were impressed with live: Oh God help me - books, live bands, ha ha. I hate live bands more than I hate books. I despise them, the people in them, the people who watch them, the people who chat about them, the people who organise them, the people who review them, the people who try to be like them, their entourage, the TV channels - the entire lot.

Mrs Cakehead song you sang along to: Was somebody stupid enough to edit a Flip demo to a track recently? Or was that me dreaming? I know I sang to that one, I was best pleased!

Film you watched and enjoyed: Jason and the Argonauts.

Film you watched and hated: Went to watch The Hulk, both new ones, both utter tosh. As if Hulk picks up a car rips it in half and uses each half as boxing gloves to fight “the other hulk". Hmmm. A solitary place...

Skate video you watched from start to finish: Beeees Everywhere 123 after work one day, it was amazing!

Website visited:

Thing you downloaded: An audio converter.

Edit you uploaded to Mpora: A rather large edit of myself and, before that, a rather large edit of my friends.

Clip watched on Mpora: Redbull Manny Mania finals no doubt.

Skateboarder who impressed you: Jesse james has some good wholemeal moves and Shaun Witherup is fantastic.

Time you laughed until you cried: When I first herd the “Bob Williamson" CD I bought a month or two ago, his CD is for sale online, it’s very good.

Time you said "never again": Every time I smile at strangers.

Item of importance that you lost: My youth.

Time you feared for your life: I work full time as a roofer so that’s a frequent feeling these days, when you nearly fall off its like a little tingle and an empty breath followed by cold panic and a heart flutter.

I know it well.

Get into it.

Avi in 'Avit':