As promised in Ben Nordbergs second 'Last Orders', here is Adam Howes list of Lasts. This was meant to be online earlier, but Adam went AWOL to some Catalunyan club night with Dave Davies, Tom Watts and Budd...


Drink you ordered: Magners, in a bar in Barcelona.

Person you spoke to: David Davies in the hostel, saying he's gonna go roll a fat spliff!

Trick you filmed: Switch heelflip down four blocks in Barcelona.

Photo you shot: The same switch heelflip in Barcelona.

Country you visited: Spain.

Thing you skated in your hometown: Some school in Ipswich.

Skate event you travelled to: UK Championships, Corby.

Trick you learnt: Kickflip frontside 5.0 to switch crook grind.

Trick you lost: Backtail bigspin flip out.

Book you read: Never read one.

Time you were outraged: Not being able to land a trick.

Piece of advice you received: "Just f*cking do it" Munson.

Time you laughed til you cried: When my friend Paul fell into a pond.

Song you sang along to: Ike, 30 minutes ago in a bar.

Film you watched and enjoyed: "Super Mario Brothers"

Film you watched and hated: "Broke Back Mountain"

Skate video you watched from start to finish: Fallen "Ride The Sky"

Website visited: The Plan B website.

Thing you downloaded: It was a while ago, I can't remember.

Memorable thing that Porno said: "You raging hom!"

Failed comedy chat up line: I've never really tried...

Skateboarder who impressed you: Tom Watts

Time you said "never again": To vodka...

Time you feared for your life: Riding on a tandem bike down a massive hill.

Adam in the Skegness Remix: