Seeing how 2007 is now well and truly over, it was decided to lay the "Best of 2007" interviews to rest. In their place we have resurrected the long defunct "Last Orders" interviews from the mag and turned it into a weekly feature for the site, with a new one added every Saturday for the foreseeable future.

The first subject of our online "Last Orders" is Blueprint pro and Nike TM Colin Kennedy.

Read on, and also check out his section from Blueprints "Lost and Found" at the bottom of the page.


Person you spoke to: I just spoke to my wife, she had just come out of one of her few last hell shifts working the on the ward at the hospital. I could barely hear her, the wind was blowing a gale...I suggested a taxi and a chippy.

Trick you filmed: Would have been in Barcelona, it was a nollie flip off a kicker, hadn't done one in years....probably just as well, went a bit overkill on them a while back.

Photo you shot : Would have been the same as the aforementioned above. I can timeline tricks that I film that I'm happy with quite easily these days, they are almost like landmark events.

Country you visited: Spain for a Barcelona trip with the Nike UK guys, it was a great trip.

Thing you skated in your hometown: I kid you not, Bristo Square, the first time in many months. It started raining within 5 minutes of arriving, it is January, I keep forgetting that.

Livi session: Oh, it was cold and I was hurtin', I like to discount sessions like that.

Skate event you traveled to: I rarely make events but fortunately I made it to War Of The Roses at The Works, it was a belter.

Trick you learned: The way I learn tricks is usually circumstance dependent, I think backside bluntslide was the last one.

Trick you lost: Backside bluntslide. Like I said, circumstance dependent.

Book you read: The God Delusion. Halfway through, still...

Time you were outraged: Let's not digress on my over-reactions, they are few and far between.

Piece of advice you received: From Mark Burrows- use quick set concrete to level the hole in my kitchen floor, nice one big yin.

Album you bought: I think it was a Madlib Beat Konducta CD, I picked it up in Miami.

Song you sang along to: With my daughter, probably an In the Night Garden tune from one of her CD's.

Film you watched and enjoyed: I loved 'Old Boy', but let's just add 'Running Man' in there also, just spied it last night on 5. No one can ever under-estimate Schwarzenegger 1-liners.

Film you watched and hated: I think it might have to be 'Babel', I was intrigued by it but I think it was really quite flawed and really disappointed in the end so for that reason I think it gets it.

Skate video you watched from start to finish: I'm sure many would agree, Fully Flared.

Skate photo you saw that impressed you: Bob Burnquist, frontside ollie on his mega quarter in Transworld. Shocking 15ft high no handed frontside ollie...incredible, I think Sturt shot it from a crane.

Website visited: BBC news of course.

Thing you downloaded: An audio editing programme called Audacity.

Clip watched on YouTube: Richie Hawtin at the weekend club in Berlin.

Skateboarder who impressed you: Jasper King-Harman, via Youtube.

Time you said "never again": China Hangover. 4 bottles of Jack Daniels and chicken feet; one hell of a mindwipe.

Piece of musical equipment you bought: Just picked up a Zoom H2 portable digital recorder with built in mic, it's ideal for field recording.

Time you made music: Yesterday afternoon, just me and the macbook.

Thing that made you proud to be a parent: Every time I pick up Evie from nursery and she tells me what she has been doing that day in her own little language, it's golden.

Colins section from Blueprints "Lost and Found" (2005)