Sylvain was first introduced to the world at large via Blueprints last Document Big Push entry which was released late last year. Though pretty unheard of in the UK, Sylvain is shutting up shop on the DL in France, with a load of genuinely shocking footage already under his belt for the next Blueprint video. Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more of him before the end of the year, but for now, check out his list of lasts, which was put together during the recent Blueprint mission to Mallorca.

Sylvain, vous ĂȘtes une bĂȘte, un bon travail!


Person you spoke to: Tuukka, I gave him his lighter back, I used it to make a fire.

Trick you filmed: Fakie tre on this double set, the 3 flat 3.

Photo you shot: Leo shot a sequence of the fakie tre.

Country you visited: Portugal last week.

Thing you skated in your hometown: A ledge plaza close to my flat called 'Bachut'

Skate event you travelled to: I havent been to a skate event or years, the last time was a contest I was judging in Lyon.

Trick you learnt: G-turn

Trick you lost: From my optimist point of view I have not lost any tricks, I just decided to not do those tricks anymore because they suck.

Book you read: Some sociology book for school called " l'homme pluriel ".

Time you were outraged: 20 minutes ago, I cant tell why, lets just say that Jerome's eyes where at the bad time at the bad place.

Piece of advice you received: Chez last week, he sent an email out to tell the team to rest before this trip.

Album you bought: Gangstarr "Full Clip" album, 9 years ago. That was just before I started downloading.

Song you sang along to: Bob Dylan "Hurricane" in the car on the way back.

Film you watched and enjoyed: A French movie called "roi et reine". Really amazing. Its a shame that French movies are just distributed in France most of the time.

Film you watched and hated: There is always something good to understand or to remember from every film.

Skate video you watched from start to finish: Habitat "Inhabitants"

Skate section watched more than once: Raymond Molinar in "Inhabitants"

Skate photo you saw that impressed you: Last Transworld cover, Silas Baxter-Neal.

Website visited: Gmail

Thing you downloaded: "No Country for Old Men" movie. I liked the ending.

Clip watched on YouTube: I heard that this girl in my class is professional dancer, so I typed in her name and watched her dance for me!

Skateboarder who impressed you: Mike Wright doing a back foot hardflip first try.

French skateboarder who impressed you: Charles Collet.

Time you said "never again": Last time I woke up after a party night that went on too long.

Time you feared for your life: Seriously this afternoon when Rye was driving.

Sorry everybody for my English, but what about your French?