This week sees the first in a series of 'Last Orders' with the Listen team, which all come accompanied by sections from their 2007 release "Viajeros Locos".

Following from his 10th place finish at last weekends Copenhagen Pro contest, Rob Gonzales starts things off, so get reading and scroll to the bottom of the page for his banging "Viajeros Locos" section.

Rob Gonzales - Krook. Photo: Listen


Drink you ordered: Jack and coke.

Person you spoke to: Robbie McKinley, he's doing our website.

Trick you filmed: Line in a parking garage, Auckland New Zealand.

Photo you shot: Smith grind on a bank to ledge in Sydney.

Country you visited: New Zealand

Thing you skated in your hometown: Armbays mini ramp

Skate event you travelled to: LRG demo in Auckland.

Trick you learnt: Switch tre.

Trick you lost Switch tre. Learned it, than lost it the next day.

Book you read: 'Run with the Hunted', a Charles Bukowski reader.

Time you were outraged: When I broke up with my girl.

Piece of advice you received: One day at a time.

Album you bought: Billie Hollidays Greatest Hits

Song you sang along to: 'A Change is Gonna Come' - Sam Cooke.

Film you watched and enjoyed: 'No Direction Home' - Bob Dylan.

Film you watched and hated: 'Babel' with Brad Pitt. Shit was depressing.

Skate video you watched from start to finish: 'Via', the Traffic video.

Website visited:

Thing you downloaded: 9th Wonder instrumentals.

Clip watched on YouTube: Black Mike R.I.P.

Skateboarder who impressed you: Evan Smith on mini ramp.

Time you said "never again": In regards to smoking cigarettes.

Item of importance that you lost: Emotional stability.

Time you feared for your life: When I smashed my head in the Supreme bowl in LA.

Rob Gonzales - "Viajeros Locos" (2007)