OG Unabomber head and skateboard tutor Paul "Man" Silvester drops us his Last Orders this week.

Keep an eye out for a mini interview with Paul about his latest Radworx project in the next issue of Sidewalk...


Person you spoke to: Kerry

Photo you shot: Frontside wall ride at the Radworx park.

Trick you filmed: Not sure.

Trick you filmed of someone else: A line with Aidan, at the Radworx TF.

Country you visited: Ireland. Place has some good shit, go see it.

Thing you skated in your hometown: Greenhead Park skatepark.

Radworx park session: Last Sunday with Deak, Aidan, Dunder, Div, Mo, Adam Paris, Greg, Andy White, Scotty B and the slash dog Alex.

Livi session: It was wet and cold.

Skate event you traveled to: War of the Roses. Got to represent Yorkshire! Van city in Ireland was the last one really.

Trick you learnt: Not sure, seems to be a lot of relearning going on at the minute.

Trick you lost: Backside tailslides, but I seem to have got switch one’s back.

Book you read: "Spares" by Michael Marshall. I reread this book because I liked it the first time round in the late 90’s. Unfortunately Steven Spielberg bought the rights to it in 1996 and ended up making the Island film from it. The film is fucking shite compared to what the book is.

Time you were outraged: Life’s too short, just get on with it.

Piece of advice you received: Go faster.

Song you sang along to: Don’t do singing.

Film you watched and enjoyed: Son of Rambo.

Film you watched and hated: Meet the Spartans. Only watched half of it, what a load of shit.

Skate video you watched from start to finish: Baghead Flats.

Skateboarder that impressed you: Aaron Sweeney when we were in Ireland.

Website visited: Sidewalk

Thing you downloaded: 250 Necro tunes

Clip watched on YouTube: Some stuff from last years Van City tour.

Time you said "never again": Pointless saying never again because I always end up doing it again.

Drink you ordered: Water.

Bit of footage you edited: Div’s bit for Kev’s vid.

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