Paul Shier shouldn't require an introduction, so all I've got to say that Paul is the first person to have had both a "Last Orders" in the mag and a "Last Orders" online. Good work!

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Person you spoke to: My Dad.

Trick you filmed: One at Archway bank to block.

Photo you shot: Spanish Ditch tail slide.

Country you visited: France and Spain, me and the old boys.

Thing you skated in your hometown: Fairfields is the only thing I skate when I go there.

Fairfields session: Tried to 4 days ago but got shut down with the rain, ended up just showing Jensen some super high rails you will see him jumping on soon. Fairfield will just have to wait till the summer.

Skate event you travelled to: Copenhagen skate comp, came in last. Had Bastien and some crazy Brazilian in my heat so I just sat down and watched.

Trick you learnt: Nollie big flips.

Trick you lost: Nollie big flips.

Book you read: The macbook I am writing this on when I read my answers back.

Time you were outraged: When I arrived at the airport yesterday bound for Los Angeles from London and seeing that my flight had been cancelled.

Piece of advice you received: "Don’t drink the night before an 11 hour flight" from my Dad.

Album you bought: It's been a while, I think it was an old Songs:Ohia album, "Secretly Canadian"

Song you sang along to: Billy Joel - "Piano Man"

Film you watched and enjoyed: "There Will Be Blood" or "The Orphanage"

Film you watched and hated: "No Country for Old Men" - I did not hate it but I did not think it was as good as the hype.

Skate video you watched from start to finish: Blueprint - "Waiting for the World". I watched it for the memories.

Skate photo you saw that impressed you: Baines, Majorca, Sa Pobla, coming out soon.

Website visited:, trying to buy myself a little motorbike to get about on in L.A

Thing you downloaded: A film called The Bridge, documentary about people jumping off Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Skateboarder who impressed you: Nick Jensen

Time you said "never again": Luckily not for a long time which is a good thing.

Meal you cooked: Spaghetti for everyone on our yearly Blueprint Majorca trip.

Item of importance that you lost: My rucksack at Barcelona airport on the way to my mums house in France. Had my phone, house keys, and most importantly to me, a diary book with all types of old photos, boarding passes, funny shit glued in it from the last couple of years. Losing something you cant replace is the worst.

Time you feared for your life: Skating a spot on Athens, Greece, when a crazy guy screeched up in his black out Mercedes, jumped out and started waving his gun about at us, pointing it at Brian Uyedas face screaming in Greek. We got out of there fast!