Brightons Louis Cooper has just come back from a period of traveling around Asia, as you'll probably be aware if you paid attention to the blogs he supplied us with from the early stages of his travels.

Anyway, we caught up with the recently returned Louis to get his Last Orders, though he was presumably typing one handed due to a rather untimely elbow breakage on 'Go Skateboarding Day'...


Drink you ordered :Snake Bite Black, Brighton style

Person you spoke to: Rosie Meyer – We traveled round Asia together.

Trick you filmed: Hardflip 5-0 in Oxford

Photo you shot: Switch Frontside flip over the sugar rush gap – Chris Johnson

Thing you skated in your hometown: The battered old level.

Level session: Friday hip sessions

Country you visited: Bali in Indonesia

Place you didn't want to leave: Bali in Indonesia

Skate event you travelled to: Oxford/Manchester eS games of skate

Trick you learnt: Nollie bs 360 shuvs – curtosy of James Kilpatrick

Trick you lost: No Comply fs shuvs

Book you read: Jack Kaeroac – ‘On the road’

Time you were outraged: Breaking my elbow this weekend.

Piece of advice you received: Go to hospital

Album you bought: Coldcut

Song you sang along to: MGMT - Kids

Film you watched and enjoyed: City of Men

Thing you missed about home whilst on your travels: Peanut Butter, Marmite, Classic Pint, Cheddar Cheese, Bagels, Own Bed, Fridges, Mates, Baked Beans – This list could go on…

Skate video you watched from start to finish: Baghead Flats

Website visited: – job hunting

Clip watched on YouTube: World record Belly Flop – Check it out!

Skateboarder who impressed you: Ben Nordberg

Time you said "never again": Some awful hangover in Thailand sounds about right.

Item of importance that you lost: One of my hats – was nicked by some locals drive by in bail straight of my head, tried chasing but there was no chance.

Time you feared for your life: Down those Vietnamese army tunnels – had a bit of an athsma/panic attack in the dark and hot tunnels.

Louis section from 'Cheese on Tape' (2006)