Lee Dainton has got to be one of the busiest men in British skateboarding. Juggling running every aspect of Kill City and Raw Distribution (with a helping hand from Porno Paul), taking care of all the TV and radio work and everything else that comes alongside been a 'legit celeb type' and being a family man. I'm suprised Daint hasn't ended up in hospital due to exhaustion yet. Saying that, he may well have done...


Person you spoke to: Porno at my house, he asked me for an apple while eating it.

Trick you filmed: Backside blunt for good luck at Grims ramp. I said if I land this trick first go we will find these full pipes I'd just been tipped off with, we found them pretty fast. I never normally film otherwise as I'm a fussy fucker, also I'm too fat to do anything worth filming these days.

Photo you shot: The last skate photo, I had an 80’s style jump ramp to wall session with Pritchard, Porno and Richie Walton the other week, I shot a wall ride pic, Richie Walton had the gun. Last photo I actually had taken of me was at the last Killcity team photo shoot, fire over to Mpora to peek the comedy footage.

Trick you filmed of someone else: Caradog, frontside lipslide flip fakie out at the new best Welsh skate spot, footage is up on www.killcity.tv

Country you visited: America, Las Vegas

Drink you ordered: Half a pint of Carling extra cold waiting for a taxi, I had two in a row, double gay.

Last major injury: Self inflicted piss drunk arm snap at Livingston, my bones popped through my skin and hooded top, my arms still not right. There was blue spray paint on the end of my snapped arm bones from skidding along on my arm.

Item of significance you lost: My mind.

Trick you learnt: I think it was a mini ramp trick, I cant remember now but it was a long time ago.

Trick you lost: Frontside 360’s, God damn I need to lose some pounds!

Book you read: 'The Rum Diaries' by Hunter S Thompson

Time you were outraged: I'm all for recycling rubbish but the council don’t like taking all of it - they only pick up the shit they want leaving the rest on the side of the road to blow around in the wind, cunts!

Piece of advice you received: Grow up and get a real job?

Song you listened to: Turtle Boy remix on youtube

Your last Facebook status update read: Lee is looking for a studio/unit in south wales to rent, also looking for a goat as a pet that will also help eat all the recycling rubbish the council don’t take, cunts.

Film you watched and enjoyed: 'Into the Wild', rad…

Skate video you watched from start to finish: 'Baghead Flats'

Edit you made: Dave Davies Killcity teaser. Thanks for the footage Gorm, top man.

Website visited: www.killcity.tv

Thing you downloaded: Killcity artwork.

Clip watched on YouTube: 30ft slam dunk world record, mental.

Skateboarder who impressed you: Matt Davies

Time you said "never again”: Waiting for Pritch at a club in Cardiff last Friday. I waited until 4:30am, the fucking birds were singing, the sun came up and he still never left. I'm never, ever waiting for him again if its booze related.

Time you cried with laughter: Panchos rap videos he tried to keep secret, links below:




Memorable thing that Porno did: Porno crashed my car into a brand new Mercedes SLK 200

Time you feared for your life: Porno driving my car way over the speed limit on the motorway, a car that pulled out into are lane that caused a ripple effect with all the other cars on the road, Pornos foot needed to be on the break a little sooner so I had to scream at him making things worse. Porno almost jumped out of his skin and I almost shit my pants.

Killcity 'Newport' promo: