I've never come across such keenness to complete a "Last Orders" before. I sent Dan a quick message inquiring if he'd be interested in doing one for us, and withing the hour I'd received a short note stating that he'd be more than happy to do so, followed swiftly by a completed list of lasts. I didn't even have time to finish writing Dan a set of personal questions, he had simply gone on the site and copied the questions used for Ste Roes "Last Orders" the weekend before last, so some of the questions might have seemed a little odd. I was contemplating sending over a few more personally tailored questions over to Mr Leech, but thought better of it. From time to time it's good to embrace the randomness; it can be quite entertaining...

Person you spoke to: My wife.

Trick you filmed: 360 flip Besos rail.

Photo you shot: Same as above.

Country you visited: Spain, sunshine in our winter - amazing!

Thing you skated in your hometown: The local park.

Skate event you travelled to: St Albans jam. It's been going twenty years, be rude to miss that.

Trick you learnt: Frontside 270 lips. Love those spinny tricks.

Trick you lost: Front blunts on mini, I think I have them down, then the next time I try it I'm nowhere near!

Time you feared for your life: When some chav pricks pulled a knife out on me in Peterborough. I was chilling in the back of the car while my mates went to use a cash machine, next thing these idiots get in the front of the car and start shouting at me to get out, pulls a knife out and tells me to give him my stuff. Luckily my pockets were empty, they took the car for a spin. and then fucked off to probably hassle some grannys...

Time you were outraged: Every time I see the news, the world's going mad!

Piece of advice you received: Yesterday, when I was told to have a word with myself.

Song you sang along to: Every cheesey song that comes on Radio One when I'm at work.

Film you watched and enjoyed: We took our daughter to see "The Spiderwick Chronicles", really enjoyed that especially when my daughter gets scared and starts shouting at the screen, haha!

Film you watched and hated: Some barbie movie that my daughter made me sit through with her.

Skate video you watched from start to finish: "Baghead Flats" at the Derby premier, that was sick. Those guys killed it.

Skate photo you saw that impressed you: Mike Wrights flip backside lip cover, that's some serious shit!

Website visited: Sidewalk forum, the "douche thread" always gives me a good laugh. Where do they find those people? Ha.

Thing you downloaded: Thrasher "King of the Road 07"

Clip watched on youtube: Furbys section on "Via Marina", sickness.

Your last Facebook status update read: Dan's bored of Facebook.

Time you said "never again": Saturday morning when I woke up hungover, happens every weekend though.

Meal you ate: The Sunday roast I'm eating right now. Can't beat them.

Dagger you made: I gave some BMXer the eye daggers today when he got in my way.

Time you were thrown out the club: A year ago when my brother got hit by some towny idiot. I hit him on behalf of my brother and had to do the walk of shame through the club with the bouncers...

Person you wished injury upon: Billy Dickfingers! Just kiddin mate...